Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The New World Order - It's now official

Well it’s now official. This article in the Financial Times written by Gideon Rachman admits that world government is, for the first time in human history, plausible and achievable. The means is in place and the proponents are willing. The formation of the EU is proof that the process has succeeded in Europe. The article rightly points out that, although world government is highly desired by the elite, the rest of us are deeply suspicious (especially Aussies). For all our love of Irish jokes, the Irish have been the only people smart enough to question wisdom of giving up their sovereignty to the EU.

History would teach us that when governments have unpopular change on the agenda, they either take it in stages and hope we don’t notice (like boiling the frog), or they take advantage of war or some other crisis which gives them the mandate to make drastic change because it becomes necessary for the common good. These crises may be real, or they can be artificially generated by government. 9/11 is, of course, the most notable example in our time. Whether it was authored by Osama in a cave in Afghanistan, or Dick Cheney in the Pentagon, there is no doubt that it gave the green light to all that has followed.

Rachman, therefore, rightly points out that the current financial and climate crises are the ideal vehicles for accelerating the process of global government. No doubt, it will be sold to us as the solution to these global problems.

With this in mind, it is imperative that we do not accept the new world order as the solution to our problems. Who wants to live in a world owned and run like a corporation by the banks? We must reject that outright. Climate change is a great excuse for a carbon tax (a tax on breathing). It could also be a new global taxation scheme by stealth. If global warming is a real issue (I’m not saying it isn’t) let’s solve it with technology, not tax. The fact is that clean energy technologies have been kept from the world to help create the very crisis we are experiencing now. Control of the world via the oil supply is the real agenda of the elite. If free energy came onto the market tomorrow, their stranglehold would be instantly dissolved.

In response to the financial crisis, we don’t need world government as the solution. What we need is to have the irresponsible banksters be called to account for their systematic looting of the world economy and the US Federal Reserve Bank needs to be taken out of the control of private interests and given back to the people/government. As it stands, Dracula is in charge of the blood bank.
With every crisis and solution, ask yourself, how does this further the one world government agenda. Once you start joining the dots, you will see the hidden agenda emerge. From a position of knowledge, you then have the choice to resist.


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