Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The truth about Facebook

If you are like millions of others out there you probably have a Facebook or Myspace site. Isn't it great fun to keep tabs on your real life friends, meet new virtual buddies and share yourself with the world. However, are you aware of what personal information you are making available, not just to your trusted friends, but to the watchers? In the sign up conditions for these types of sites, you are usually giving away all rights to your data and making it available to the owners of the site to use your data and images in whatever way they so desire. Facebook recently failed in their quest to further extend their rights to retaining the rights to your data even after you delete it from your Facebook site.

So what is the truth about Facebook? If you think these guys just wanted to bring people together in a big 24 hour cyber party, well you are naive. In the following video, the history, origins and purpose of Facebook are exposed. 4 mins

Why am I not surprised to discover that the originators of Facebook come from The US Dept of Defence and CIA? That doesn't sound like your average boom type geek from Silicon Valley, does it?.

What a great way for the watchers to know what you like, what you buy, your relationship network, your work connections, your political opinions....everything! Are you a political activist? They already know who all your like-minded comrades are. That could be useful determining lists of "enemy combatants" in a martial law scenario. They even have images of your face to assist identification in a crowd. One youth recently was subjected to a warrantless home search by police because he posted an image of himself brandishing a toy gun on his site.

At no other point in history has a generation allowed themselves to be so vulnerable. Considering the times we are heading into, we have put our head in the noose, willingly and without question.

This doesn't even begin to address the fact that social networking sites have so many negatives and few positives.

  • Networking sites are a hugh distraction. If you're meant to be working at the computer and the Facebook window is open, it's like trying to work in a room whilst a party is going on in the next room. Everyone else is having fun, what's going on, got to join in. It is almost impossible to get a teenage girl to do homework if social networking sites haven't been disabled by a filter program.
  • The distraction extends to shrinking your world view down to 600 x 300 pixels. Your life is stuck to the screen. You don't look up or around. That's exactly where they want you. Distracted, controlled, blinkered and unquestioning.
  • Not only does it shrink your world view, it literally shrinks your brain. Look at this study of the neural damage it's doing to our kids's brains.
  • Social networking sites can become addictive, in similar manner to porn.
  • You fool yourself into thinking you've got all these virtual "friends". It plays on your low self esteem. Get out more! Get a life. Go to the pub. Go to church. Learn a musical instrument and join a society. Play a team sport and get some exercise as well.
  • Many employers look up your facebook site before interviewing you for a job. Do you really want them to see you dressed up in a Nazi brown shirt uniform at a fancy dress party?
  • All sorts of unsavory people can get your face, put it on someone else's body and put it on a porn site.
  • Many kids put enough info and image clues on their sites to enable a creep to work out what school you attend and can be waiting at the school gates this afternoon.

So what's good about Facebook? What's good about a baited hook to a fish?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So What's the Solution?

We find ourselves on a planet facing crisis in every direction. It's easy to become overwhelmed. What can I as a sole agent hope to achieve if I decide to consciously turn back the tide of evil and chaos? Many sense, especially those who call themselves believers, that this is not just about what we can see with our earthly eyes. It's about powers and principalities in the spiritual realms. As Darth Vadar puts it "You don't understand the POWER of the Dark Side".

So what's the solution? I've come to realise that YOU are the solution. You are a unique person. There's only one of you on this planet. There will only ever be one of you, ever. There has never been anyone quite like you and there won't be anyone like you anytime in the near future. You are not Alex Jones. I am not Martin Luther. However, God has made each of us uniquely gifted and equipped for a mission he has prepared for each of us in these last days. This is not some wimpy "God has made me interested in people so I can help them" type mission. When you find your assignment, it takes on meaning, importance, it makes the difference between life and death. It's like Luke Skywalker being told his mission is to blow up the Death Star.

Over the last two years I have found myself in intensive training to end up doing what I am doing now, blogging for the Kingdom. I have read numerous books, watched innumerable videos on youtube, listened to dozens of sermons. My hunger for information has been ravenous. The search for truth has become a passion. My journey has been validated by God along the way in tangible ways. At this time and in this season, I feel truly empowered.

Lance Wallnau calls this process "convergence". When you can identify your gifting and then find the gig the Lord has prepared for you, you start to burn. You become a 3 phase conduit for his kingdom. That's how I experience it. Lance explains the process so much better. His insights are truly astounding.

Convergence - Lance Wallnau 10 mins

If you don't have a burning conviction about whatever you're doing at the moment for the kingdom, well, you haven't found your mission yet. You may be on a mission, but it could be someone else's assignment. No wonder you suck at it and do it out of guilt. Find your passion, find your (spiritual) weapons and get to the briefing room. That's an order!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Victorian bush fire disaster

Friends, you would have seen in the news over the last few days that Australia and the state of Victoria in particular, has experienced the worst bush fire destruction in our nations history. It rates as our worst natural disaster. The current death toll has reached 180, with 750 homes lost. Whole townships have been wiped from the map. The destruction is not unlike that of a nuclear conflagration.

images gallery

On the day of the fires the ambient temperatures in Victoria reached into the mid 40's. The mercury at our place in Sydney got to 44. Opening the door from our air-conditioned home onto the back deck was like opening a door to a foundry. We similarly live on the edge of the bush. We have had our home under threat from fire in the past. We have gotten to the point of loading the car with our most treasured possessions, ready at a moments notice to leave. This is the price we pay for the privilege of living amongst the beauty of the Aussie bush.

At times like that you really have to focus on what really matters to you in life. You pack the family, pets, photo albums, insurance documents and portable backup hard drives. All the other stuff you really could replace if you had to. It's a sobering experience.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Victoria at this time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Action Alert

The following broadcast is a good summary of the current situation in the US with regard to FEMA camps, gun and ammunition control measures currently being enacted under the Obama regime. This is, of course, immediately relevant to US citizens. However, it is important to read the trends and interpolate similar scenarios for Australia, or your own country, wherever that may be.

Freedom TV Action Alert 9 mins

Many people, I believe, misunderstand the American's 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Australians have experienced first hand the horror and carnage created by a solitary person with a gun. We had our own Port Arthur massacre, where 35 innocent people were killed and 21 wouded by Martin Bryant. As a result of that incident, a gun buy-back program was instituted. A large number of automatic weapons were taken out of circulation and destroyed. There is no denying the cost of having uncontrolled military weapons in the general population. However, the US rights issue is different. The founding fathers who drafted the Constitution included the right to bear arms as an insurance policy against a government that drifts into tyranny. It wasn't about the right to blow away burglars you find in your house.

Isn't it clear that, as the economic crisis unfolds, the solution that will be offered to answer the chaos will be the imposition of tyrrany. During the last 8 years in the US we have seen the establishment of all the necessary laws to gather greater and greater unchecked power to the president. Even though you may be a foreign citizen, anyone from any nation, can be considered by the US as a "terrorist" or "enemy combatant", thus giving the US global power to interrogate and incarcerate without due process. Bush did the hard yards and the dirty work. Obama gets to walk in and avail himself of unfetted power. Pray that this man resists all the dark entities in the shadows who influence and manipulate the President for malevolent purposes. You know what happens to presidents who start acting presidentially. Remember JFK?