Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peak Oil - Solution to Global Warming

Global warming is not going to be a problem. Why do I think that? Because Lord Monckton has debunked anthropomorphic global warming? Because of the Climategate scandal? No. It's much simpler than that.

We'll run out of oil long before we get to any climate crisis.

Many experts believe we are reaching or have reached “peak oil” production on this planet. That's the point at which the glass starts looking half empty rather than half full and last half becomes harder and harder to drink amongst the ice cubes. As we empty the wells, the remaining reserves become harder to extract, are less refined making extraction more expensive. The cost of oil after peak oil can only go up and can never come back down.

Chris Martenson presents a crash course in "Peak Oil"

Ok, so we'll all have to drive Priuses, put solar panels on the roof and recycle a bit harder? No, it's worse than that...a lot worse. Look around you. Just about everything you see created by the hand of modern man is derived from oil or was produced using oil as an energy source or was gotten to you using oil fuelled transport. Everything. The plastic in your laptop, the coffee you're drinking, the rubber tyres on the road you're driving on, all of it comes to you because of oil.

Now imagine the cost of everything going up, and up and up. How do you afford to drive to work to pay for it? How does fruit & veg from the countryside get to my local supermarket without turning into a luxury item? How much will my cup of Columbian coffee be?

Energy now becomes as valuable as blood. Welcome to the road warrior world of Mad Max.

We are facing no less than the complete collapse of civilisation. That's it. Game over. We will return to a pre-oil horse & cart medieval world and whoever still has access to energy will rule the world.

We are like bugs on a petrie dish. We have fed on oil as a serendipitous growth medium, growing our population and consumption off the chart. However, once the oil is exhausted, the colony will die and the world population will revert to more sustainable levels, many estimate that to be about 1 billion people. We have splurged on cheap energy for the last 100 years like a hobo who has found a $50 bill on the pavement and has spent it at the boozer in one night.

When will this all happen? We don't have to wait until the last drop of oil comes out of the last well. We only have to get to the point when it takes more energy to extract the oil than it produces. This point may be decades away, it may be imminent, within months. Commentators vary on the timetable, but they agree that collapse is inevitable. If we don't see it ourselves, our children certainly will.

Is it any surprise that there is now a race on to secure the middle east oil reserves, at any cost, by any means, using any pretence? Is it that hard to imagine that the Bush administration could stage 9/11 as a false flag operation to create a justification for the invasion and occupation of Iraq? Is it any surprise that governments everywhere are investing in an New World Order Orwellian control grid to control the people as things spin out of control? It's going to get ugly.

Australia faces a federal election next month. Who's taking peak oil seriously as an issue? Yes, candidates talk about sustainability for the reasons of climate change due to CO2, but not because of peak oil. Our pollies don't dare mention it because we the people don't ask the question. It's the elephant in the lounge room. This is what happens when the people do ask the question. Tony Abbott in 2008 didn't even know what peak oil was. (Can't find any comment at all from Julia about peak oil.)

Tony Abbott "What's Peak Oil?"

Mike Ruppert is author of "Crossing the Rubicon". This is essential reading to understand how peak oil is fuelling the current geo-political/NWO agenda. Also watch his movie "Collapse" if you can find it. I bought the DVD. It's the most disturbing movie I've seen after "Endgame" by Alex Jones.

Here is advice from Ruppert as to how to prepare for Peak Oil - get out of debt now and think locally. You won't be going anywhere quick. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Mike Ruppert announces "cliff event" in 2010 Part 1

Part 2

And given all this, how does the body of Christ on earth respond to this unprecedented challenge to the survival of the human race? Are our preachers be any better informed than Tony Abbott? Will we all be raptured before it all falls apart? Or rather, will Christians be ready to show leadership by demonstrating the power of community, growing our food to share, creating our own currencies of exchange, healing the sick when the hospitals are unstaffed. Will we be able to prove to the world that our kingdom on earth cannot be shaken but flows with abundance from the store houses of heaven? Will we be called on to feed the crowds with 5 loaves and 2 fishes because that is the last food left on the shelves?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you want the smoking gun...

If you want scientific proof, if you want the smoking gun for 9/11 being an inside job, here it is. Professor Niels Harrit from Denmark has written a scientific peer reviewed paper demonstrating the evidence for the presence of nano-thermite, a military grade explosive, being present in the dust from ground zero and throughout New York City.

Professor Harrit will be speaking in Sydney this Saturday.

7:00pm, Saturday, 17th July 2010.

Mitchell Theatre,
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney

It's free as well. Don't miss this opportunity!

Here is video #2 from the event. Can't find #1 but you can still follow from here.