Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 1000 Piece Jumbo Puzzle

When you're working on a giant jigsaw puzzle and you don't have the box lid to refer to, you get to a point where you've got enough pieces in place to take a guess at what the image may be. This is where I am right now, my attempt to synthesise the thousands of snippets of information gathered over the last three years. Here it is in a nutshell:

The NWO Project Critical Path
Love of money is the root of all evil.

Man accumulates as much as possible.

The richest get access to government because money buys influence, compromise and corruption.

Access to government gets information about the real picture ie. peak oil is leading to imminent collapse of modern civilization. Elite believe 500,000,000 is the max sustainable earth population in a post peak oil world. Refer Georgia Guidestones

Preparation for Collapse
Peak oil is concealed as an issue so that the world does not prepare for transition to sustainable energy. This will maximise the culling impact of collapse when it comes to a world unprepared.

Elite work through government and take measures to reduce population growth by stealth through war, manipulation of food supply, pushing of bad diet, vaccines, health care by pharmaceuticals, economic breakdown, social breakdown, spiritual, moral & family breakdown, poor education, propaganda media, promotion of disease and one child policies. The population's strength and motivation to rebel is minimised. Distraction through TV, Facebook, iPhone, tabloid news & porn is maximised.

Government takes advantage of natural disasters to maximise death by being slow and bumbling to react. eg. Hurricane Katrina, Pakistani floods, Haiti earthquake. Apparent natural disasters may be created using weather modification weapons.

We are currently witnessing the setting up of infrastructure for a post peak oil world.

A police state control grid shall be implemented globally. It shall be manned by computers with artificial intelligence, facial recognition, cameras on every corner, connected to data bases and dossiers on every individual. iPhone, google, social networking sites, GPS are currently gathering personal data on every individual so that non-conformists can be identified early, monitored and removed from the herd as necessary. The maximum number of people can be controlled with the minimum number of personnel.

The elite will attempt to ride & control the collapse of oil based civilization using the control grid. They shall retreat to the safety of huge underground bases if it all gets too ugly. They have stores of supplies to sit out a nuclear winter or extinction level event.

Once 500,000,000 population is reached, they will introduce hidden black project technology ie. Zero point energy, anti gravity, teleportation & life extension technologies. These could not be introduced before the collapse because it would only go towards prolonging an unsustainable overpopulation.

From this point, brave new world style birth control shall be implemented to forever keep the world population at around 500,000,000.

People will be trained enough to do their job, but will be kept as stupid and unquestioning as possible so they are happy in their lot serving the elite and not cause trouble.

Welcome to the New World Order

Here it is - heaven on a stick for the elite – the Tower of Babel is complete. The kingdom of man gives God the bird. The world has become a big feudal village where the serfs serve the lords in their castles and the scientific control grid goons earn privileges keeping it all in order.

Of course, this all assumes that God, through his people, will sit by and watch all this unfold and do nothing...