Monday, October 21, 2013

None of this makes sense!

What just happened in the US? Doesn’t make sense at all. First we have the government shut down because they run out of money. The shut down costs the US $24b. The shut down results in little more than close the war memorials and national parks. Memorials are usually nothing more than blocks of granite. They, by nature of their purpose, are built to survive unattended…for hundreds of years. Why close them because they can’t be manned? Why spend a lot more money placing barricades and cordons of police to stop visiting veterans? Why inflame the vets by denying access to places which are in essence sacred to them, the equivalent to religious expression. Why publically disaffect this portion of society for no gain?

Part of the gridlock in Congress was a Republican move to delay/derail the rollout of Obamacare. Why would you hold the world financial ransom by threatening to not vote for the raise in the debt ceiling because of Obamacare? If Obamacare is so critical to the President’s agenda, why would the website be so dysfunctional that hardly anyone has been able to sign on? Why is Obama wearing public humiliation essentially because the IT department screwed up?

None of this makes sense.

Now, if I wanted to start a civil war by getting the vets so upset that they committed a terrorist act, and if I wanted to crash the world economy by encouraging the Chinese to drop the US dollar, if I wanted to discredit the President and drop his approval rating to an all time low because he's just a globalist tool and he is getting towards his used by date, then this might all start to make a lot of sense.