Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Barry Soetoro is slipping in a Mickey Finn

Who is Barry Soetoro? This is Barrack H Obama’s real name, as recorded in the school roll book in Indonesia where he spent the early years of his youth. What you see is not what your get.

Similarly, the Health Bill that he has passed through the legislature contains more than meets the eye. Rather than a bill, it’s a raft of bills, and in amongst it all is a Mickey Finn.

This is the establishing of a Ready Reserve Corps. Now, we knew about the Obama youth corps that he promised during the election. Comparisons were immediately drawn with the brown shirted Hitler Youth movement. What is of great concern is the formation of a similar reserve corps within the health services. This is, in effect, a presidential private army under his direct control. It is, of course, couched in terms of responding effectively to natural disasters, emergencies and the like. However, it could be used to bypass the moral filter of the public doctors and nurses who might not agree that mandatory mass vaccination programs are a good thing. They might also question the enforced quarantine of people with specific diseases like swine flu. A private army can ensure that unpopular policy is executed despite general resistance.
If this measure is so important it could easily be achieved by equipping the existing private system without the need for a special corp swearing allegiance to the President. On the other hand, who was aware of these provisions within the bill? If the public were informed, would they have approved of such provisions? Why the need to slip this in under the radar?

There will likely be provisions for a national health ID card. No doubt this will be used to make the whole new system work efficiently, but it could also be used to enable the switching off your entitlement to services, effectively declaring you a non-person. This is a big noose around the collective necks of the American people, but I guess it’s no worse than the Medicare card in Australia.

Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204) is amended to read as follows:
(1) IN GENERAL.—There shall be in the Service a commissioned Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps for service in time of national emergency.
(2) REQUIREMENT.—All commissioned officers shall be citizens of the United States and shall be appointed without regard to the civil-service laws and compensated without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended.
(3) APPOINTMENT.—Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President and commissioned officers of the Regular Corps shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.
(4) ACTIVE DUTY.—Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall at all times be subject to call to active duty by the Surgeon General, including active duty for the purpose of training.
(5) WARRANT OFFICERS.—Warrant officers may be appointed to the Service for the purpose of providing support to the health and delivery systems maintained by the Service and any warrant officer appointed to the Service shall be considered for purposes of this Act and title 37, United States Code, to be a commissioned officer within the Commissioned Corps of the Service.
(b) ASSIMILATING RESERVE CORP OFFICERS INTO THE REGULAR CORPS.—Effective on the date of enactment of the Affordable Health Choices Act, all individuals classified as officers in the Reserve Corps under this section (as such section existed on the day before the date of enactment of such Act) and serving on active duty shall be deemed to be commissioned officers of the Regular Corps.
(1) PURPOSE.—The purpose of the Ready Reserve Corps is to fulfill the need to have additional Commissioned Corps personnel available on short notice (similar to the uniformed service’s reserve program) to assist regular Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.
(2) USES.—The Ready Reserve Corps shall—
(A) participate in routine training to meet the general and specific needs of the Commissioned Corps;
(B) be available and ready for involuntary calls to active duty during national emergencies and public health crises, similar to the uniformed service reserve personnel;
(C) be available for backfilling critical positions left vacant during deployment of active duty Commissioned Corps members, as well as for deployment to respond to public health emergencies, both foreign and domestic; and
(D) be available for service assignment in isolated, hardship, and medically underserved communities (as defined in section 399SS) to improve access to health services.
(d) FUNDING.—For the purpose of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioned Corps under this section, there are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to the Office of the Surgeon General for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2014. Funds appropriated under this subsection shall be used for recruitment and training of Commissioned Corps Officers.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The rising cost of power to the people

Be prepared to pay up to 64% more for your electricity by 2013. This is what we are being told to accept. Have you understood that? If you pay $1000 per year for your power in 2010, in 3 years time that will be $1640. Why? The real reason is to pay for Kevin Rudd's commitments to the global carbon trading scheme. This is in spite of the failure of Copenhagen to achieve any consensus on how any of this will work. This is despite the recent revelations of "Climategate" that have thrown the scientific evidence for global warming into doubt. So we are being asked to pay all this money to a faceless offshore organisation.

electricity prices to rise by 64%

Australians were some of the first in the international community to acknowledge that there is a debate to be had over the reality of global warming. Malcolm Turnbull essentially lost the leadership of the Liberal party because there are too many party members who doubt global warming. When Lord Monckton came to Australia in January he addressed full houses paying $20 per head all over the country to hear his message about the global warming scam.

Note that since the meltdown at Copenhagen the reason being given to justify the price increase in NSW is we have to replace all the power poles because they're dodgy. Really?

So why is there no reaction to the threat of rising electricity prices? The way these things go, people won't notice until they get their next bill showing the first increase of 7% this April. This will no doubt create much distress in the community. Many families are already just making ends meet as it is. This cost increase will tip the balance for many. And for what? A scam, a rip off, a tax on breathing. And who gets the money? Ask Al Gore, he has financial interests in this whole carbon trading scheme.

The time to object is now. Don't wait till the horror invoices start rolling in. That will be too late. Call, write to, email your local member and protest loudly.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Christians & Truthers

So what's the difference between Christians and (9/11)Truthers? Well, as far as I can see, not much. In fact, you could say that the experience of converting to Christianity and becoming a Truther is similar. Christians talk of being “born again” whilst Truthers speak of “waking up”. Both experience a transformational shift in world view. Both belief systems place emphasis on seeking the “truth”. The search for the truth involves the intellect and takes effort to sift through the disinformation and distractions. One searches for evidence in written records, eye-witness accounts, scientific inquiry and history. Heroes and villains are identified for commendation or condemnation. Either system will propel the adherent to action of some kind in the world around him or her.

You can go on for years searching for information but there comes a time when you have to pin your colours to the mast and commit to adopting or rejecting either view. The price of commitment is often division in the family, loss of friendships and becoming the target of ridicule and labelling like “religious fanatic” or “conspiracy nut”. It is not a stance that one takes lightly.

If Christians and Truthers have so much in common, you would think that Christians would be sympathetic to Truthers. Remember, to the non-believer, religion looks like conspiracy theory. Christians, more than anyone else, should know what it is like to commit to a world view that runs against the current of the generally accepted, to go as a sheep amongst the wolves. You would think...

Over this last week I have started to frequent a Christian discussion forum site with the aim of gauging the current thoughts and attitudes of Christians to the New World Order and 9/11 etc and to foster debate and try “waking up” some Christians . Well, how illuminating. Over several threads about 9/11, NWO, Bush and Obama, it became clear that almost all the posters were adherents of the mainstream media propaganda and anything to the contrary was dismissed outright as “not another truther/conspiracy nut!”. There was no debate, no examination of the evidence and only the most feeble attempts to address any issue by parroting the official story. I was surprised and saddened.

I now have a better appreciation for the power of media to feed us with a contrived reality and the ease at which it is swallowed, regardless of one's belief in Christ. Jesus won the battle for our souls on Calvery, and we are filled with Spirit when first we believe. However, our minds can remain locked in this matrix like world, totally unregenerate. Yes, our moral minds are pulled out of the gutter by the Spirit, but our perception of the physical world goes on largely unchanged. To push the analogy, it's possible to be born again but to remain sound asleep.

We have a responsibility to have an accurate and reliable understanding of the world to be able to effectively operate in it for whatever mission God has placed us here for. Does not a military strategist gather as much intelligence as he can on the enemy before planning for battle? This post WW2 generation has quickly forgotten how bad government can get when only a small but influential element can steer the state into satanic mayhem. Why should our western governments be immune?

Anyway, why not try spending less time hanging around www.infowars.com where we are preaching to the converted and visit some mainstream forums. You might find this more palatable than going down to the mall and handing out 9/11 flyers!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Lie

Looks like Iran's President Ahmadinejad has been spending too much time listening to 9/11 Truthers and Alex Jones. He has recently made comments that he didn't buy the official story about 9/11 and that it was a "big lie" that was used by the US as an excuse for a war on terror.

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie'

"September 11 was a big lie and a pretext for the war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghanistan," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by state TV. He called the attacks a "complicated intelligence scenario and act."

It doesn't prove anything, but it's a fascinating comment to be made by a leader on the world stage.