Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ron Paul - The Invisible Man!

The US presidential candidates are out of the starting box and racing. However, a strange thing is happening. After the first straw poll in Iowa, the official 2nd place getter is getting no media coverage. That's Ron Paul. You hear comments about Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, but Paul is being edited out. Why would that happen? It wouldn't be because he's the only candidate who has a proven record of true libertarian values, calling for restoration of the Constitution, ending the Federal Reserve bank, ending the wars & stringing up the banksters? It wouldn't be because he's "fair dinkum" as we Aussies would say?

If you take into account that Bachmann enticed 4000 people with a free country music concert in return for their vote, Paul is miles ahead in the lead.

Ron Paul is a medical doctor. He comes from a family of Lutheran pastors and he even considered the ministry himself. He's a genuine born again Christian. Not a fake faither for the bible belt vote. Here is his "faith statement":

In a summary about his faith, Ron Paul writes, "I have never been one who is comfortable talking about my faith in the political arena. In fact, the pandering that typically occurs in the election season I find to be distasteful. But for those who have asked, I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do. I know, as you do, that our freedoms come not from man, but from God. My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by a loving Creator."

America is in such dire straits at present that only someone with divine appointment could rise to recue the country. His rise would appear to be divinely ordained. Commentators are starting to attribute messianic qualities to Paul. His presence in the race is obviously not being welcomed by the mainstream media. Would this be because Paul would represent the greatest threat to the controllers of Presidents? If elected, he might not do what he's is told. We couldn't have that, could we?