Monday, December 9, 2013

Chem Trails + HAARP + Global Warming = Oil

For many years now people (mainly in the northern hemisphere) have noticed the phenomenon of persistent condensation trails left in the sky by aircraft. Normal condensation trails are nothing more than water vapour and quickly dissipate. However, trails have been regularly observed persisting for much longer periods of time. Given enough passing flights over a day this can lead to a lingering haze simulating light cloud cover. Theorists have dubbed these suspicious trails as “chem trails”. Witnesses have seen strange particles landing in their backyards, coating objects in a fine haze. Samples have been taken for analysis and allegedly identify constituents such as aluminium, barium & micro fibres.

There has been no end of speculation as to why “they” would be spraying this stuff over our heads. Some claim it’s a biological soft-kill weapon, a slow poison of some sort. Perhaps they are training for spraying a chemical hard-kill weapon, experimenting with distribution patterns and effectiveness. Could it be creating a shield in the atmosphere to help slow the pace of global warming? Why is it secret? Why is it mostly in the northern hemisphere?

Then there is HAARP. This is a top secret defence dept antenna array facility located in Alaska. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research. The secrecy and covert nature of this facility has also created much speculation and theory. Some believe it is an earthquake generator. Other suspect it’s a transmitter of some sort that can broadcast directly into people’s minds, for purposes of propaganda or mind control. Maybe it creates a communication network for the fleet of US nuclear submarines. How about weather modification? Whatever it is, it’s transmitting energy of some sort.

Then we have the global warming debate. Some say it’s really happening and it’s man made. Others say it’s happening but it’s a natural cycle. Then there are those who say nothing is happening and the readings from the weather stations are rigged. Yes some data has been rigged and skewed. However, the ice caps do appear to be deteriorating at a constant rate. This can be mapped and charted. Why hoax global warming anyway? What’s there to gain? Perhaps the carbon credit scheme is a new world order global taxation scheme in green clothing.

I picked up a new book recently: The Race for What's Left by Michael T Klare. It describes the predicament the world is in at this point in history, that there is a scramble on by the world's nations to secure the last reserves of raw materials and fossil fuels. The threat is imminent and will likely result in international tension and warfare. First prize in the global resource race is oil. We are consuming oil at 80million barrels a day. Many experts believe we have hit peak oil...maximum oil production possible. That means it can only decrease from here. With rapid industrial growth and sky-rocketing demand from China & India, the short fall in supply will be rapid and it will hurt.

For many who are concerned about the rise of the tyrranical threat of the New World Order, many see malevolent men in smokey wood panelled rooms plotting and scheming a cull of humanity. I see it slightly differently. I can see these guys can see the writing on the wall for humanity and they are simply riding this impending crunch to their own advantage.

So as I read the chapter on oil, I discovered that the Arctic holds the last great unexploited oil reserves on the planet. Then I read about how the oil companies are rejoicing at the melting of the ice cap because up until now the ice has been a physical barrier to the oil rigs and tankers. 

Unlocked by melting ice-caps, the great polar oil rush has begun

Then it dawned on me like a brick being dropped on my head...could they be using HAARP to energize the aluminium and barium in the atmosphere in order to modify the weather over the north pole in a targeted fashion and be deliberately melting the ice to get to the oil? It all makes sense. They are using man-made carbon global warming as a cover story to blame us for the inexplicable melting of the ice. To make the polar warming look global, warming data from the rest of the world need to be falsified to some extent (Climategate). This theory would explain the emphasis on chem trails in the northern hemisphere and the parallel occurrence of chem trails and polar melt. This explains the location of HAARP near the Arctic circle. This would appear to be a more pragmatic and less nefarious reason for the use of these technologies and provides the greatest motive...survival...winning the race for what's left....and greed, profiteering from the crisis. Approval to do this through democratic processes would never be granted by the people. This then explains the secrecy curtain that surrounds all this.

This NASA video shows warming is concentrated at the north pole.

At this point, this is only a theory and requires more research. After Googling it would appear that others are thinking along similar lines. I don't know if anyone else has connected oil with chem trails & HAARP. I would welcome any comment or data that would help prove or disprove these ideas.

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK - A Memorial Album

When in Melbourne recently on holiday I stumbled upon a market stand selling old vinyl LPs. Amongst the usual stacks of horrid 80’s new wave and greatest polka hits I found a gem… John Fitzgerald Kennedy - a Memorial Album. Still is great condition, it had obviously been played only a few times, and maybe hadn’t tracked a needle for 30 years. It contained highlights of his more famous speeches from before & during his presidency.

I sat down to listen to it that night. I had always had a fascination for JFK. Although I was an infant when he died, I entered the JFK universe at an early age. Of course, the Zapruder film of the assassination grabs the attention initially. One is then bewildered by the official story. Next there’s the grappling with the myriad conspiracy theories. Then, as I listened to the vinyl recording in whole and in context, there came a profound sense of loss.

Now, let’s not misunderstand. JFK was not a saint. He was a Catholic, and I don’t believe he was particularly pious or religious. Yet, here was a leader, not a politician, addressing mankind, not voters.  His appeal was directed to the humanity shared between the free world and the Soviets. He called on men of good will to strive for the greater endeavours, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. He didn’t speak like other politicians or leaders I had grown up with. He didn’t carefully phrase things to avoid repercussions or to win votes. He didn’t regurgitate the party policy. He saw it as his mission to save the world from the madness of nuclear self destruction, and put his money where his mouth was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

As I listened to his words, I could see the daggers being pulled from their scabbards. I could see the demons commit to his destruction. As he addressed men of good will, he also addressed those of ill will. His course would make enemies in the Federal Reserve, the war mongers, the military industrial complex, the bankers, white racists, soviet lovers and haters.

For those of us, both then and now, who felt that he spoke and still speaks for us, the men of good will, he was like a lightning conductor. He attracted the demonic bolt, he took the shot that would otherwise come our way.

For me, JFK was the last real president, the last true leader of the free world. On this day in Dealey Plaza 50 years ago, the office of President was seized by those in the shadows. In the time that has prevailed, those in the shadows have dangled presidential puppets for our amusement and for their purpose, pulling the strings this way and that. None dare challenge the darkness, lest the same fate befall them. That was the message delivered to all successors at Dealey Plaza on that day.

JFK knew well what he faced. He had no doubt about the insidious nature of his foes. He spoke about them in his “Secret Societies” speech. This speech never made it onto the vinyl Memorial Album. Nobody wanted to memorialize that. 

JFK may not be with us today, but men of good will inspired by his spirit still abound in their millions and if they choose as one to challenge the darkness, cannot be resisted.

Monday, October 21, 2013

None of this makes sense!

What just happened in the US? Doesn’t make sense at all. First we have the government shut down because they run out of money. The shut down costs the US $24b. The shut down results in little more than close the war memorials and national parks. Memorials are usually nothing more than blocks of granite. They, by nature of their purpose, are built to survive unattended…for hundreds of years. Why close them because they can’t be manned? Why spend a lot more money placing barricades and cordons of police to stop visiting veterans? Why inflame the vets by denying access to places which are in essence sacred to them, the equivalent to religious expression. Why publically disaffect this portion of society for no gain?

Part of the gridlock in Congress was a Republican move to delay/derail the rollout of Obamacare. Why would you hold the world financial ransom by threatening to not vote for the raise in the debt ceiling because of Obamacare? If Obamacare is so critical to the President’s agenda, why would the website be so dysfunctional that hardly anyone has been able to sign on? Why is Obama wearing public humiliation essentially because the IT department screwed up?

None of this makes sense.

Now, if I wanted to start a civil war by getting the vets so upset that they committed a terrorist act, and if I wanted to crash the world economy by encouraging the Chinese to drop the US dollar, if I wanted to discredit the President and drop his approval rating to an all time low because he's just a globalist tool and he is getting towards his used by date, then this might all start to make a lot of sense.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hail Satan!

We have reached a tipping point. The public acknowledgement of Satan has always been taboo. We used to see odd black clad weidoes at the community market peddling new age books, crystals and goth jewelry. Ok they're wackoes, no worse than the Christians in the healing tent. No more. The dark side is emerging from its shame and is starting to stand and declare public allegiance to the Evil One. Recently in Austin, Texas, the State Capital was filled with both Pro-Choicers & Pro-Lifers in support for their opposed viewpoints. What made this different this time, was the pro-abortionists chanting "Hail Satan!" to rebuke the choruses of "Amazing Grace" sung by the Christian Pro-Lifers.
Hail Satan video
All this tells me several things. Rather than just being Pro-"Choice", there is now a Pro-"Death" aspect being espoused. This reiterates the spiritual tone of the US that is progressively becoming more open, honest and unashamed of evil or immoral behaviour on all levels of society, law enforcement, military programs, economics and the health industry to name a few. I can also start to see the positioning of pieces on the grand chessboard for the main event, the white vs the black pieces, the good vs the evil, heaven & hell. This also echoes the degenerate civilizations of the past that would sacrifice children on altars to appease the gods. An acknowledgement of sinfulness in solemn sacrificial ritual descends into a lust for blood and an end in itself. There is also the disturbing lack of appreciation for the danger and consequence of courting the demonic.

We understand the the salutation "Heil Hitler!" and we remember where that ended up. How much more should we be concerned over "Hail Satan!"?