Monday, July 20, 2009

Who beat Neil & Buzz to the moon?

Whilst the world is celebrating 40 years since man walked on the moon, I thought I would throw a spanner in the works. If you do a little research about the moon, you quickly discover that it's a weird place, and one starts to question whether the Apollo experience as presented to the world was trustworthy or something else entirely. Let me say up front, I don't subscribe to the "moon landings were faked" theories. They were real, very real. However, what was the real purpose of Apollo and what did we really find up there.

Many physical facts about the moon are strange. It's the only known satellite that doesn't spin. Its near perfect circular orbit and the way in which it has coupled with the earth has baffled astronomers for years. In terms of physics, the moon just shouldn't be there. Seismic studies show that it should be hollow. It rings like a bell when struck by moving objects.

So what would you think if Neil Armstrong wasn't the first to walk on the moon? This short video is from testimony given to the Disclosure Project by Karl Wolf who had top secret clearance in the US Air Force and saw photos from the moon in 1965 that he wasn't meant to see.

Karl Wolf - Disclosure Project

On another tact, the rate of progress with space travel technology, as presented by NASA, seems almost prehistoric when compared with the gains made in computer and military technology. Why did Apollo stop in the 70's? Why did we not go back? Why did we stop investing money in the greatest ever human journey? Is the shuttle program the cutting edge of our technology? What if NASA was simply the public space program? What if NASA was a propaganda machine that portrays the supposed cutting edge of our technology and its real purpose is to conceal the real space program hidden in military black projects. It is estimated that military technology is ahead of mainstream technology by as much as 40 years. We know that trillions of unaccountable dollars are poured into such projects every year. They're getting something for their investment. What many believe are UFOs could well be such technologies of human origin.

I'm not trying to raise the whole UFO debate, that tends to end in distraction from the more important issues. This is about reality and truth. At all levels we the people are fed a narrow bandwidth of truth. We may get the information super highway through our browsers, but the mainstream media decides and dictates what our reality should be, at dial up speed. Why would NASA, the public space program, be any different? This doesn't belittle the achievements of Apollo 11. These guys were true heroes, strapping themselves to a huge firecracker and flying to the moon. They captured our imaginations 40 years ago and to this day we are still captivated, just as intended.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Interview with the Devil

Why do people find evil so fascinating? Why are there endless books written about Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust? What about the interest we have in the world’s most notorious murderers? Well, who wants to read a book about the greatest charity workers of history? We long to pry into the minds of those that we would consider to occupy the opposite end of the good vs evil spectrum from where we believe we’re at. Is it perhaps the case that, we secretly live out our hidden evil fantasies vicariously through these nasty creatures? Whilst publicly declaring our abhorrence of evil, maybe the Jeffrey Dharmas of this world are only putting into reality those thoughts and ideas we have entertained but never had the courage to admit?
This leads me to the next video. This is one of the most fascinating interviews I have ever watched. Bob Larson is well known around the Christian traps for his expertise in cults. He is interviewing two members from the First Family of Satan, a Satanic church in California. The interview is from 1989, but the discussion is not dated. The two members are Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck. If you are at all familiar with this subject you would recognise the name LaVey. Zeena is the daughter of Anton LaVey, who was the self appointed high priest of the “Church of Satan”. The Eagles song “Hotel California” is supposedly written about the satanic church and Anton is the guy staring down from the balcony on the front cover of the album. One of Anton’s “parishioners” was the notorious mass murderer Charles Manson. Schreck is a musician and at the time was the founder of the Werewolf Order, whatever that is.

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During this video interview, I make these following observations. Firstly, they are not happy people. I wouldn’t invite them to dinner, they would kill the tone of the evening. They don’t smile, they don’t crack jokes. One commentator described Schreck's persona as a poor immitation of John Malkovich. It’s not a great endorsement of their faith (mind you, how many Christians come over as undertakers). They are serious people and their business is serious. They are not openly into doing evil deeds, but rather, they question any authority beyond themselves to determine what is right or wrong. Killing is simply the practise of survival of the fittest. If I can kill you, that only proves that you are weaker and therefore less fit to survive. They don’t believe in compassion or caring for the weak. That’s a job for the pathetic Christians. To their credit, they are painfully honest about themselves and their beliefs. These people are not nut-cases. They are well spoken and highly intelligent. They are also rightly critical of Christians for their hypocrisy in so many areas. They rightly identify the dubious witness of high profile tele-evangelists, for example. It’s interesting also how they take Larson & Christians to task over having such a preoccupation with Hitler and the Holocaust. Would this be an easy way for Christians to lessen their own perceived contribution to evil in the world by identifying that guy over there that is so bad that he make me look good by comparison?

What struck me the most was their admission that they weren’t that interested in seducing the youth or death metal heads, or the greater population, but rather, the elite. They believe that they can have the greatest influence on the world by inducting the leaders of politics and industry. This would explain such events like Bohemian Grove where the captains of industry, military and politics gather in the Grove annually and celebrate the “Cremation of Care” ritual, which to all intents looks like a satanic ritual performed at the feet of a huge stone owl totem. Several US presidents have attended the “Grove” including Reagan, Nixon and the Bushes. GW Bush and John Kerry were also members of “Skull & Bones”, a secret society at Yale University that also practises similar dodgy initiation rituals involving coffins & skulls. Membership to “Skull & Bones” is by invitation only. One has to be “tapped” by an existing “Bonesman”. No doubt Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Club were just two of the “secret societies” that JFK had in mind when he warned us about before he met his demise.

This leads me to the whole evolution vs creationism debate. Whether or not you believe the world popped or evolved, one conclusion is unmistakable. The adoption of the “survival of the fittest” mantra of evolutionists can only have devastating consequences for mankind. It is the antithesis of the Christian message of love and compassion. You cannot apply “survival of the fittest” and care for your aged grandmother at same time. If your grandmother is creating a drain on the family, well, she’s not fit to survive. She’s got to go. Schreck & LaVey are chilling in their lack of compassion for the “unfit”. Won’t we all become “unfit” at some stage of our lives? A brief examination of the worst exterminating regimes of the last century will reveal at their core a belief system that adopted the eugenicist “survival of the fittest” mentality. Lenin, Stalin, Mao & Hitler all went to the same biology class at school. (Mao was apparently a Bonesman too, what a small world!). So next time you’re arguing evolution vs creation, just be aware that the debate goes beyond the academic and into the realms of rationalizing hell on earth.
So what's the point of all this. Although we can dismiss the satanists as weird and evil, their values and eugenics agenda is being advanced at the highest levels of our society now. Do not make the false assumption that events like the Holocaust can't happen again. And do not assume that it can't happen to you or your family, even in Australia.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson died a Christian

Here's a scoop! John Gray is a American christian musician/comedian/speaker who personally knew Michael Jackson. A common friend of himself and Michael has testified to John that Michael made a commitment to Christ 3 weeks before he passed away. John Gray stated this publically at a Sydney Hillsong church meeting tonight.

I know that this news is slightly off topic for this blog, but if this is true, the saving of Michael Jackson represents another significant victory for the Kingdom. Praise God.