Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hail Satan!

We have reached a tipping point. The public acknowledgement of Satan has always been taboo. We used to see odd black clad weidoes at the community market peddling new age books, crystals and goth jewelry. Ok they're wackoes, no worse than the Christians in the healing tent. No more. The dark side is emerging from its shame and is starting to stand and declare public allegiance to the Evil One. Recently in Austin, Texas, the State Capital was filled with both Pro-Choicers & Pro-Lifers in support for their opposed viewpoints. What made this different this time, was the pro-abortionists chanting "Hail Satan!" to rebuke the choruses of "Amazing Grace" sung by the Christian Pro-Lifers.
Hail Satan video
All this tells me several things. Rather than just being Pro-"Choice", there is now a Pro-"Death" aspect being espoused. This reiterates the spiritual tone of the US that is progressively becoming more open, honest and unashamed of evil or immoral behaviour on all levels of society, law enforcement, military programs, economics and the health industry to name a few. I can also start to see the positioning of pieces on the grand chessboard for the main event, the white vs the black pieces, the good vs the evil, heaven & hell. This also echoes the degenerate civilizations of the past that would sacrifice children on altars to appease the gods. An acknowledgement of sinfulness in solemn sacrificial ritual descends into a lust for blood and an end in itself. There is also the disturbing lack of appreciation for the danger and consequence of courting the demonic.

We understand the the salutation "Heil Hitler!" and we remember where that ended up. How much more should we be concerned over "Hail Satan!"?