Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take the Ahmadinejad Pop Quiz

Iranian President Ahmadinejad recently addressed the UN and caused a walkout. What despicable things did he say to deserve such a reaction? Can you take the Ahmadinejad Challenge? Can you answer his pop quiz without walking out of the room in disgust?
My answers in red

Who abducted forcefully tens of millions of people from their homes in Africa and other regions of the world during the dark period of slavery, making them a victim of their materialistic greed? US/Britain/Europe?

Who imposed colonialism for over four centuries upon this world? US/Britain/Europe?

Who occupied lands and massively plundered resources of other nations, destroyed talents, and alienated languages, cultures and identities of nations? US/Britain/Europe?

Who triggered the first and second world wars, that left seventy millions killed and hundreds of millions injured or homeless. Who created the wars in Korean peninsula and in Vietnam?
Who imposed, through deceits and hypocrisy, the Zionism and over sixty years of war, homelessness, terror and mass murder on the Palestinian people and on countries of the region? Israel/US?

Who imposed and supported for decades military dictatorship and totalitarian regimes on Asian, African, and Latin American nations? US?

Who used nuclear bomb against defenseless people, and stockpiled thousands of warheads in their arsenals? US?

Whose economies rely on waging wars and selling arms? US?

Who provoked and encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade and impose an eight-year war on Iran, and who assisted and equipped him to deploy chemical weapons against our cities and our people? US?

Who used the mysterious September 11 incident as a pretext to attack Afghanistan and Iraq , killing, injuring, and displacing millions in two countries with the ultimate goal of bringing into its domination the Middle East and its oil resources? US/did he really say that?? This is the one that sent the US delegates packing.

Who nullified the Breton Woods system by printing trillions of dollars without the backing of gold reserves or equivalent currency? A move that triggered inflation worldwide and was intended to prey on the economic gains of other nations? US?

Which country’s military spending exceeds annually a thousand billion dollars, more than the military budgets of all countries of the world combined? US?

Which governments are the most indebted ones in the world? US/Europe?

Who dominates the policy-making establishments of the world economy? US/Europe?

Who are responsible for the world economic recession, and are imposing the consequences on America, Europe and the world in general? The Banksters?

Which governments are always ready to drop thousands of bombs on other countries, but ponder and hesitate to provide aid to famine-stricken people in Somalia or in other places?
Who are the ones dominating the Security Council which is ostensibly responsible for safeguarding the international security? US/Europe?

Here is the full video:

He continues...

The main question is the quest for the root cause of such attitudes. The prime reason should be sought in the beliefs and tendencies of the establishment. An assembly of people in contradiction with the inner human instincts and disposition who also have no faith in God and in the path of the divine prophets, replace their lust for power and materialistic ends with heavenly values.

To them, only power and wealth prevail, and every attempt must bring into focus these sinister goals.

Oppressed nations have no hope to restore or protect their legitimate rights against these powers. These powers seek their progress, prosperity and dignity through imposing poverty, humiliation and annihilation to others.

They consider themselves superior to others, enjoying special privileges and concessions. They have no respect for others and easily violate the rights of all nations and governments.

They proclaim themselves as the indisputable custodians of all governments and nations through intimidation, recourse to threat and force, and abuse the international mechanisms. They simply break all the internationally recognized regulations.

They insist on imposing their lifestyle and beliefs on others. They officially support racism. They weaken countries through military intervention, and destroy their infrastructures, in order to plunder their resources by making them all the more dependent.

They sow the seeds of hate and hostility among nations and people of different pursuits, in order to prevent them from fulfilling their goals of development and progress.
Read full transcript

This is the one that triggered the mass walkout:

If some European countries still use the Holocaust, after six decades, as the excuse to pay fine or ransom to the Zionists, should it not be an obligation upon the slave masters or colonial powers to pay reparations to the affected nations?

These were the 9/11 comments:

Last year, when the need to form a fact-finding team to undertake a thorough investigation concerning the hidden elements involved in September 11 incident was brought up; an idea also endorsed by all independent governments and nations as well as by the majority in the United States, my country and myself came under pressure and threat by the government of the United States.
Instead of assigning a fact-finding team, they killed the main perpetrator and threw his body into the sea.
Would it not have been reasonable to bring to justice and openly bring to trial the main perpetrator of the incident in order to identify the elements behind the safe space provided for the invading aircraft to attack the twin world trade towers?
Why should it not have been allowed to bring him to trial to help recognize those who launched terrorist groups and brought wars and other miseries into the region?
Is there any classified information that must be kept secret?

Don't know about you, but I'm still in the room listening. OK, he sails pretty close to the wind with the anti-Semitic tones and Holocaust denial, but in the most part he's calling it as it is in my books. Why the walkout? I imagine the accused nations have no viable defence, so walking out allows them to label the Iranian as a conspiracy theorist nutjob and close down the debate. I would guess that those who didn't walk out were representatives from the smaller victim nations who would agree wholeheatedly with Ahmadinejad. You can see who's left...Iraq, Afghanistan, African nations, even Arabs, and they applaud warmly at the end.

Why do I suspect that Iran shall be found harboring WMD's? They are a very dangerous nation, if their President is anything to go on!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where were the Truthers?!

The 10th anniversary of September 11th came....and went. There was a lot of ceremony, emotion and empathy...but where were the Truthers? I was expecting to see a tsunami of black & sloganed T-shirts and banners. They could have been respectful and kept silent vigil, but they weren't even there...nowhere to be seen. Have they all given up in frustration, or just become apathetic and weary? I scanned the channels and web but nothing seemed to be happening. I though at least Alex Jones would do a live radio report. What happened?

Turns out NY was in lockdown for blocks around Ground Zero. Noone could get within blocks of the site. Police were brandishing M16s and shotguns. Those wearing "Investigate 9/11" shirts were not provided access and some were even detained for their attire. One man who opened his mouth to exercise his freedom of speech was arrested.

George W said "They hate our freedoms" If this is "freedom", I would have to agree with Al Qaeda.

Here is Luke Rudkowski's report from the day's proceedings:

One thing I was surprised to see on mainstream TV was a documentary about the 9/11 firefighters that aired on SBS. They actually showed footage of Building 7 coming down but there were no remarks made about it. They certainly featured the health problems of first responders due to the toxic asbestos laden dust and Whitman's assurance that the air was safe to breathe. Guess that's something.

Comments from Richard Gage & Luke Rudkowski-where to from here?:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

48% of New Yorkers Want New WTC7 Investigation

This Sunday will be the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. As I cruise the channels on free to air TV in Sydney, there are stories on 9/11 coming from all directions...what the President and the White House staff did hour by hour on that fateful day, how Sesame Street and Johnny Cash songs are used at Guantanamo Bay to torture detainees at high volume. I saw a story in the afternoon rag about the hero dogs of 9/11. They are turning up the volume. They have to. After 10 years of inadequate answers to our questions, the Truth Movement has gathered great momentum. The number of signatories to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has grown steadily to 1500. The "Building What?" TV add campaigns have aired on NY TV.

A recent poll of New Yorkers found that 48% support a new investigation into the collapse of WTC 7. Full story They polled New Yorkers, locals who were there, friends and family who lost loved ones. These people can't be dismissed as "conspiracy theorists". They deserve respect.

I suspect the main theme of the anticipated propaganda onslaught will be around reminiscing, closure and healing after 9/11....trying to put the 9/11 baby to bed. It's convenient timing that they got Bin Laden recently. We needed that for closure. You certainly won't see anything about WTC7, Bush/Bin Laden connections, thermitic materials in the dust etc. That's our job...making sure the 9/11 baby doesn't settle and keeps screaming. I suspect the 9/11 truth activists will be thick on the ground this Sunday. It will be interesting to see if they get coverage on the mainstream news. I am envious of anyone who has the oportunity to be in New York on this special day.

Just found this. Here is video of Luke Rudkowski confronting Thomas Kean, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Report. Kean runs from the tough questions being asked by Luke on behalf of the victims's families. Guilty demeanour if ever I saw it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ron Paul - The Invisible Man!

The US presidential candidates are out of the starting box and racing. However, a strange thing is happening. After the first straw poll in Iowa, the official 2nd place getter is getting no media coverage. That's Ron Paul. You hear comments about Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, but Paul is being edited out. Why would that happen? It wouldn't be because he's the only candidate who has a proven record of true libertarian values, calling for restoration of the Constitution, ending the Federal Reserve bank, ending the wars & stringing up the banksters? It wouldn't be because he's "fair dinkum" as we Aussies would say?

If you take into account that Bachmann enticed 4000 people with a free country music concert in return for their vote, Paul is miles ahead in the lead.

Ron Paul is a medical doctor. He comes from a family of Lutheran pastors and he even considered the ministry himself. He's a genuine born again Christian. Not a fake faither for the bible belt vote. Here is his "faith statement":

In a summary about his faith, Ron Paul writes, "I have never been one who is comfortable talking about my faith in the political arena. In fact, the pandering that typically occurs in the election season I find to be distasteful. But for those who have asked, I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do. I know, as you do, that our freedoms come not from man, but from God. My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by a loving Creator."

America is in such dire straits at present that only someone with divine appointment could rise to recue the country. His rise would appear to be divinely ordained. Commentators are starting to attribute messianic qualities to Paul. His presence in the race is obviously not being welcomed by the mainstream media. Would this be because Paul would represent the greatest threat to the controllers of Presidents? If elected, he might not do what he's is told. We couldn't have that, could we?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Captain America vs Corporate America

When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield..


It is bizarre that the new Captain America movie is hitting the silver screen at a time in America'a history when the country is on its knees. In 2 days time they reach the deadline for extending the debt ceiling. The country must choose between default on their loan repayments, massive cut backs on spending or raise the limit on the credit card and delay the inevitable. Either way, the future looks bleak. A default will have devastating repercussions for the world economy. Australia will not avoid the shock wave.

I grew up watching Captain America and the other Marvel super heroes on Saturday morning TV. So it was these 40 year old memories that formed the basis of my expectation of the new movie. I was not disappointed.

This movie is easily one of the best of its genre...and one of the most ironic. Set in a alternative WW2 history, Captain America is by nature a good guy who hates bullies and uses his powers to thump the evil Nazi Red Skull and spare the world from doom.

There are numerous references to the New World Order. Red Skull's aim is to evolve his race into super humans and rule the world through a scientific technocracy. He declares that he is leaving the rest of humanity behind. He loathes Captain America's fidelity to his country and his love of the flag. He says "There are no countries".

The sad reality is that Corporate America has adopted Red Skull's agenda...world domination through military technological superiority, weird animal/human hybrid gene splicing technology, destruction of national boundaries and trade barriers. And strangely enough, it was the commandeering of Nazi scientists at the end of the war through Operation Paperclip that has given the US the technological edge ever since.

As a movie, Captain America is captivating and inspiring. The character's superhero powers are cleverly developed without resorting to incredulous feats eg Hulk's flea jumping and Spiderman's stretching arms. The storyline nicely weaves in Tony Starck's (Ironman's) father as the genius behind the technology. The shield is cool. How they get from WW2 to modern day to make the upcoming Avengers movie possible, is brilliant. Not to be missed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carbon Tax - Sins of Emission

Prime Minister Gillard has finally laid her Carbon Tax cards on the table. This is despite the fact she promised us before the election we would not get a carbon tax. It was interesting to see a poll conducted on Channel Ten Sydney last night. The immediate reaction to the question “Will the carbon tax be good for Australia?” 81% said “No”.

Another thing I’ve noticed. Gillard has spoken a lot about the tax, but only now is she mentioning “carbon credits”. It’s one thing to have a tax. Even if the premise is bogus, at least the money is collected by government and is redirected back into the Australian economy. However, if the tax is used to purchase carbon credits on the international market or set up the economic infrastructure to make it possible, that’s just opening the door for our prosperity to be sucked out of our country.

We are being taxed for producing carbon, something which, to the average person, has no tangible substance. This “nothing” is somehow measured and quantified. This turns into a penalty notice or a sin. We absolve ourselves by purchasing an indulgence or a carbon credit to expunge our guilt. We show our indulgence to the climate papacy and they grant us forgiveness for our sins of emission. This was a cruel scam in the middle ages. It is no less so today.

exerpt from "Fall of the Republic" - carbon trading scam in a 6 min nutshell

The banks will love it. Look how they have wrecked the world economy with dodgy derivatives and toxic assets whilst feathering their own nests through the digital mayhem. Carbon trading is so nebulous it will be a playground for scammers. Where are the countries that are planting hectares of trees and sucking up all the carbon that they can afford to sell “carbon credits” anyway?

Europol uncovers European carbon trading scam in 2008

What's really tragic is the fact that this carbon fiasco gets all the airtime whilst other real crises get little or no coverage: peak oil, US dollar collapse, US debt default, global food crisis...and any of these can spark world war or turn our world upsidedown very quickly indeed. When the food shelves at Coles start to look empty you won't be worrying about the thermometer.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

In Australia, we don't celebrate July 4th. It's just another day. But in the "land of the free" and "home of the brave"...it's time to celebrate a country that was founded on personal freedom bought with the blood and courage of rebels pitted against a tyrranical British empire.

Here are 6 examples of what freedom means in America today...

And where are the brave?

Friday, May 20, 2011

2012 - do you want the good news or the bad news?

So what is all this about 2012? Is the world going to end? Is Christ returning next year and I’ve only got 18 odd months to get things in order? A lot of people are secretly worried that it might be true, even Christians. I’ve done some research and here’s my take on it.

The good news:
Although the Mayan calendar ends on Dec 21st 2012, the world will not be falling apart catastrophically due to any known scientifically understood phenomenon. The earth shall align with the sun and the centre of our galaxy, but there's no reason to expect any cosmic forces will create polar shifts on earth or launch solar flares on the sun which could turn us into toast.

The bad news:
The 11 year sun spot cycle is due to peak again next year. Some scientists believe this time the activity could be unusually energetic and resulting solar storms that could severely disrupt electronic systems and communications. Power grids may be disrupted and satellites may experience difficulties. This could cause disruption that will impact communities and business, and this could get ugly if services are out for weeks. However, the earth won’t open up and swallow us.

Refer to 2012hoax.org for in depth examination of 2012 from a scientific viewpoint.

Here is a short summary from David Morrison, NASA scientist:

That said, the following points should be considered.

Jesus said clearly:

“36 Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father “(Matthew 24).
32 “Concerning that day or the hour nobody knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but the Father.”

Nobody knows or can predict when the world will end, not the Mayans, not even Jesus. In fact, it will come like a thief in the night. Every prediction of the end of the world (since the Egyptians 6000 years ago at least) so far has been wrong. Just this weekend a radio broadcaster named Harold Camping was expecting the rapture on 21st May 2011. His Family Radio show had been predicting this date for a few years. And yes, he and his listeners are still here, but I'm sure his ratings have been removed from the planet.

The earth has experienced global catastrophes in the past. The great flood is one event (or maybe the last event) that has been recorded in numerous traditions in addition to the Bible. There seems to be evidence that the world has also been devastated by pole shifts and asteroids in the distant past.

Stan Deyo, author of the Cosmic Conspiracy, was predicting that all sorts of calamity would befall us because the planets would come into a unique alignment in 1983. I remember attending an end of the world beach party to see in the apocalypse. It didn't happen.

The US has been building many deep underground bases across the continent since the cold war but seems to be ramping up the infrastructure building program in preparation for something. This could be the expected social disorder arising from the chaos caused by the solar storm disruptions. Alternatively, the US government may be anticipating general anarchy to accompany the breakdown of the economy and the impending collapse of the US dollar. Perhaps they expect WWIII with China. Preparation of underground bases does not confirm a 2012 doomsday scenario. This could also be another ploy to keep the defence contractors fed with no bid contracts whilst the rest of the economy goes down the tubes.

Most calendars come to an end. The one on my wall finishes December 2011. This doesn't mean my world will end 31st December 2011. Same could be said of the Mayan calander. Like a speedo in your car, the car maker makes the odometer go the 999,999 kms before cycling back to 0. This doesn't mean we expect our car to fall apart as the odometer resets to 0. It just means that the maker doesn't expect the vehicle to last long enough for it to be an issue. The Mayans had to make their calender finish at some point. Why not 2012?

Some claim there will be some sort of cosmic awakening for mankind in 2012. We will experience some sort of leg up in our spiritual evolution. I'd like to see that.

Everyone keeps mentioning "Planet X" and “Nibiru”. These are supposedly undiscovered 12th planets that have long and extremely eccentric orbits. There are many problems with the physics of such orbits, and if these planets were approaching us in 2012, we would be able to see them by now. Despite all the conjecture and “Chariots of the Gods” type theories, the evidence for these mystery planets is pretty thin.

Unfortunately, worrying about 2012 is distracting us from very real issues which threaten to disrupt the equilibrium of our civilization: peak oil, eugenics, world war, totalitarianism, dollar collapse, false flag terrorism, food crisis etc. This distraction could be intentional. It's notable how the mainstream media has been pushing doomsday hysteria relating to 2012 in History Channel documentaries and the blockbuster 2012 movie. One thing is certain, there are a lot of people making money from 2012 and if something is approaching, the elite have their seats reserved already in their shelters and there's no room for "steerage" accommodation.

Jesus warned us to be watchful and to keep oil in our lamps. He warns us not to be deceived. He has foretold that when the end approaches, it won't be pleasant, but we are not to lose heart or grow faint. The only doomsday bunker guaranteed to preserve us is the new Ark, the body of believers in Christ. We don't know when the end will come, but there's no reason to expect it in 2012 any more than 2013.

Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back—whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’”

Mt 13:35-37

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama defrosted?

The world is now abuzz with news, views and opinions about the purported demise of Osama bin Laden. Is he really dead, is he still alive, or has he been dead for years and just been defrosted and killed again? Did his use by date expire? I don't know and you don't know.

Steve Pieczenik, however, has spent decades working with those who do. He has been a CFR member, worked as Senior Policy Planner for Kissenger, served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. His specialty, terrorism and hostage negotiation. He has been described as the real life "Jack Ryan" character - he consults to Tom Clancy and that's where Clancy got his technical advice to be able to write "Patriot Games" & "Clear & Present Danger".

Pieczenik claimed years ago that OBL died shortly after 9/11 from Marfans Syndrome (Pieczenik is a psychiatric medical doctor as well) and the announcement of his OBL's death would be played as a trump card for a time such as the present. His assessment of the current situation is incredibly revealing and gives us a clear understanding of the powers at play and where's it's all heading. WWIII? Nuclear false flag attack? Essential listening. Interview with Alex Jones.

Here is Pieczenik's bio and credentials:

Dr. Pieczenik received the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) fellowship where he was recruited by Lawrence Eagleburger as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management. In that position he was the created the Office to Combat Terrorism, the Family Liason Office. He reorganized the medical department within the State Department and merged and reorganized the Department of Cultural Affairs and US Information Agency into one organization, the International Communications Agency.

Dr. Pieczenik created first hostage survival courses in the US government and became famous for developing the strategy and tactics for rescuing hostages around the world. Through his hostage negotiation skills he helped save many lives. He developed the basic tenets for pscyhological warfare, counter terrorism, strategy and tactics for transcultural negotiations for the US State Department, military and intelligence communities and other agencies of the US Government.

Dr. Pieczenik served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and/or Senior Policy Planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker. Dr. Pieczenik continues to consult to the Department of Defense.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama is dead?

Fake image of dead Osama Bin Laden

What a bizarre day. First we get the announcement that Obama has finally killed Osama. I immediately think, well, they will have to thaw him out first. He's probably been dead for years. Then I see young American crowds cheering USA USA USA! Like they've just scored the winning basket in the NBA final. Then I get home to watch the news and discover that Osama's body has been buried at sea in accordance with Islamic traditional practice? What?! Let me get that right, you just got the guy supposedly responsible for the crime of the century (9/11) and you don't bring back the body for independant verification because of Muslim religious observance? You don't put his head on a spike outside Ground Zero? You've got to be joking. The building in which the final shootout occured has gone up in flames. There goes the crime scene as well.

So basically, we've got nothing. No evidence whatsoever. The Whitehouse has proved nothing. Was nothing learnt from the demise of Hitler, about the need to verify such deaths with proper documentation, lest the persistant doubts thereafter. This would get nowhere in a court of law.

How stupid do they think we are? Well, by the way the news is being taken at face value and the celebrations have erupted, they think we are quite stupid and sadly they are right.

Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of OBL's death, here are the likely benefits to the Obama administration:

-Immediate boost to Obama's flagging approval rating

-Everyone fails to notice the Photoshop experts declaring Obama's birth certificate a fake

-Afghanistan can be declared mission accomplished and they can move the troops out of there and into Libya

-They have an excuse to go and thump Pakistan for harboring OBL

-The Truthers heading to Ground Zero this year for the big 10th anniversary of 9/11 will now be challenged by pro USA chanting dupes emboldened by today's news

-But worst, they can stage another false flag attack on the US mainland in the guise of an Al Qaeda "retaliation"

The War on Terror is not over. It's meant to be a war without end against a faceless foe. OBL will be replaced by another boogie man and he will held responsible for a staged atrocity. Tomorrow, the TSA will continue to naked body scan US citizens and grope their gentials. Osama might have been written out of the script but this soap opera has plenty more episodes to run.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"I want you to get mad!"

The psyche of the modern man is, in the opinion of many, fractured and distorted. The traditional peoples would say that we are disconnected from our souls. We are too much in search for the next Big Mac rather than the next Big Idea. Although we are facing grave global problems in the economy, resources and the environment, we talk about it as if we were discussing it hypothetically. Our leaders talk about economic meltdown like they were discussing the traffic getting into work. The emotions don't fit the discourse. Emotions are meant to move us. They are the motivation to action. It stands to reason, that if we don't emote in a manner to match our words, our words shall remain words and appropriate actions will not flow from our words. What did Howard Beale in the movie Network say... "I want you to get mad!"

Here is Gerald Celente matching his emotions to his words. He's mad as hell because he sees us all heading towards World War III and we're letting our leaders take us there unchallenged. Our hearts need to catch up with our heads.

Sobering viewing. Celente at his best.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Global Warming vs Peak Oil

We recently held a state election in New South Wales. The Labor government, which had been in power for 16 years, was thrown out of office with such vigor it was embarassing. They went from 50 seats down to 20. In a case of absolute stupidity, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced federal Labor's plan for a carbon tax just weeks before the state election. Of course, she denies that she handed Premier Kristina Keneally a poisoned chalice, but you really have to ask how dopy can you be.

The climate change debate is a misnomer. There has never been a real or genuine debate about this issue. The politicians have only listened to the advocates and dismissed the agnostics as “deniers” and “extremists”. This is why I can't understand why they are trying to sell us on such a disputable issue as carbon, at the expense of a far more serious and less disputable threat to the world.


When we fill up the tank, do we expect to drive on forever and not have to stop to fill up again? Of course not. When we get past the half full mark we travel on regardless knowing we will have to refill in the not too distant future. What if, having reached the half full mark, we start picking up more and more hitch hikers with their luggage. Soon the car is fully loaded. Do we look at the fuel gauge the same way? No. We start watching it closely because we know the extra load will cause increased fuel consumption. The needle starts diving and we're looking for the petrol station so we don't end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. The global gas tank is no different. Many experts believe we have passed the half way point of crude oil supply, generally referred to as “peak oil”. The grave concern is the world keeps picking up more and more hitch hikers and world consumption is exploding as nations like China and India want to start driving around in gas guzzlers like the first world does.

Daily oil production is approximately 70 million barrels a day and is barely meeting the world demand. The warning signs are everywhere. Exhausted and abandoned oil fields all over the planet. Food prices globally are increasing due in part to rising oil costs. Our food supply chain is directly reliant on oil. This is creating unrest all over the world as food costs consume an ever increasing proportion of a worker’s wages. Petrol at the pump just keeps going up. The US is complaining because they are paying $4US/gallon. In Australia we are paying close to $6/gallon ($1.50 AU/litre). All the low hanging fruit has been picked so the oil companies are going deeper and deeper to get lesser quality crude. The recent Deepwater Horizon oil disaster occurred to a rig that was reaching record depths, nearly 20,000ft. That’s pretty desperate. It might be a lot easier to just topple regimes around the world and take it.

Chris Martenson has produced a video series called “Crash Course”. He explains why the next 20 years are not going to be like the last 20 years. He identifies the coming energy, economic and environmental crises and teaches survival strategies. Whilst the politicians are fighting the wrong battle and failing to prepare for the real looming crisis, you can take responsibility for your own family.

Here is the full Chris Martenson Crash Course

Jump straight to the Peak Oil episode

And whilst your Christian faith might be relying on being raptured out of this mess, can you be sure this is the End Times? Some German Christians thought the end times had arrived with the Nazis. They weren't raptured out of that! The last time the world faced oblivion God's solution was to give Noah a heads-up. It was Noah's act of faith & obedience to take God at his word and physically prepare for the coming flood.

Now you can watch End of Suburbia to get you in the mood. This is a documentary showing how the peak oil crisis might play out in next few years and is uncomfortable to watch but makes the case for immediate action very clear.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eve of Destruction

"The eastern world it is explodin',
violence flarin', bullets loadin'………
but you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction"

So Barry McGuire sang in 1965....

The unrest of the people is spreading like wildfire throughout the middle east. It’s not easy making sense of this from here. The revolt is being fueled by hunger, artificial poverty and totalitarianism to name a few. But the message is, above all, “we’re as mad as hell, and we’re just not gonna take this anymore!!!” Some commentators claim the crowds are “rent-a-crowds” but paid stooges don’t take bullets.

Whether or not the fire is being stoked by foreign interests is not clear, but rest assured, the new world order interests will take advantage of any power vacuum and position their agents of influence while they can.

Libya is a the 12th largest oil exporter. Europe is their biggest customer. Italy buys a third of their supplies from Libya and price per barrel has already risen sharply in response.

Lindsey Williams has just done this interview with Alex Jones. His elitist contacts tell Williams that this is all engineered to double cross the middle east oil suppliers by collapsing the US dollar and leaving them holding valueless T bills. This will send them back to a pre-oil bedouin lifestyle. The arabs will be upset to say the least and will stop selling to the US. The US will then open their vast Alaskan oil reserves that they have kept under their belts for decades, but only when to price gets to $200/barrel. Although I disagree with the Williams dismissal of peak oil, his predictions about oil price movements has been accurate so far. China has stitched up a deal with Russia to supply their oil needs so they can stay clear of the trouble.

This is hot off the press. Listen for yourself.

From this graph we can see that Australia imports only a small percentage of our oil from Libya, and about one quarter of our total imports come from the middle east, the majority of our supplies come from South East Asia. We will see price increases at the Aussie pump but hopefully won't be as bad as what Europe will experience.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Could cyclone Yasi have been stopped?

Anyone would think, what has Queensland done wrong to deserve the destructive weather that they have experienced over the last month? Does God have something against our beloved banana benders? Early in the new year we saw unprecedented rainfall cause flash flooding though Brisbane and the hinterlands. This caused extensive damage not just to residential property but also has put the major mining and agricultural industries into chaos.
Then last night we witnessed Cyclone Yasi hit the north eastern Queensland coast. It was rated as a category 5 cyclone with wind speeds up to 300kph. That’s as bad as it gets in meteorological terms and will go down as the worst cyclone to hit Australia on record.

Could it have been stopped?

Ben Livingstone worked in the US Navy during the 1960’s developing weather modification technology for warfare and peaceful purposes. These were highly classified secret projects. The techniques generally involve cloud seeding to vary the amount of rainfall and energy generation from storm clouds. The following video interview with Livingstone demonstrates that the ability to control weather outcomes exists and has been practiced on civilian populations. There is no doubt in Livingstone’s mind that hurricanes and cyclones can be modified to reduce their destructive power. View Ben Livingstone interview.

If this technology is available and various governments use it for their own purposes, the question must be asked, could the Australian government have done anything to prevent/minimize cyclone Yasi and the floods and if so, why didn’t they?

How about this…what if these recent events were the result of mal intent? No one would suggest that our government would wage weather warfare on its own people. However, what if agents were working on a global scale to destroy the economies of nation states by ruining their their productive capacity? Is this beyond the realms of possibility? We are currently witnessing the financial destruction of the US, Ireland, Greece and many other western countries. Many believe this is being orchestrated to bring these countries to heel under one world government. Wouldn't weather warfare be the least suspected and most deniable strategy when the financial strategies fail? Just blame global warming and climate change.

It has to be noted that Australia, compared to the rest of the world, has to a large degree avoided the worst of the global financial crisis due to our healthy commodity based economy (compared with BS based US economy). Yasi has all but destroyed our banana crop for the season and has thrown Queensland tourism into chaos. The floods have put Queensland coal exports on hold for many months. This will cost Australia big bucks.

As the floods inundated Brisbane a few weeks ago, similar floods were being experienced in the Phillipines, South Africa & Rio de Janeiro. Whilst Yasi was in full swing, the US were experiencing one of the largest snow storms ever which covered most of the country and affecting 100million people. The weather seems to be going crazy. And who knows how much of the chronic drought and crop failures in Africa isn't the result of weather weapons to keep that continent impoverished and under control?

View Weather Warfare documentary on History Channel