Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Don't let a good crisis go to waste"

The elite have a saying "Don't let a good crisis go to waste". Those who seek rapid structural changes to countries and cultures have known for a long time that the best time to do these things is during a crisis. At such times people are preoccupied with just surviving, calling on their loved ones, finding food and shelter or defending their person or family. They're not listening to parliament on the radio or reading newspapers. Haiti is such a country right now following their devastating earthquake a couple of weeks ago.

Watch the vultures as they circle. At one level, orphan children are being taken from the streets and being trafficked to the west. Read this ninemsn article from this morning. Even more heinous, if it's true, a "Christian" organisation is being charged with offences. Also, bodies are being looted for organs (what's the bet that nearly dead is good enough). Hear it from the Haitian prime minister himself on CNN:

That's on the bottom feeder level. On the bigger picture, watch the US suddenly being incredibly interested in "helping" with the rescue effort and sending in large numbers of troops, naval ships and an aircraft carrier. Don't be surprised if this temporary humanitarian effort gradually becomes a permanent occupation force in Haiti. This has not gone unnoticed by Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua. This is not the first time this has happened either. In 1915 the US invaded and occupied Haiti during a period of civil unrest and didn't leave until 1934 (They are obviously not terribly effective at peace keeping roles if it took 19 years to get the country under control). It's more politically palatable taking control of another country on the sly than with a war like invasion.

Although Haiti is officially the poorest nation in the western hemispere with over 80% living in poverty, it offers the US a valuable strategic position in the Carribean, being right next door to Cuba. If they wanted to help so badly, why wait until now?

Watch who gets control of redevelopment funds and see how the money gets and doesn't get spent. Watch how the better pieces of real estate that once were neighborhoods for the poor suddenly become 5 star hotels.

And to top it off, watch "Christian" television media mogul Pat Robertson make the point that Haiti deserved this divine judgement from God because many years ago they made a pact with the devil. Did anyone give thought to the real reason Haiti was "judged" by an earthquake? Could it have anything to do with the fact that their poverty, in large part induced by the west, prevents the Haitians from being able to afford proper structural engineering and earthquake resistant construction? Please, pass me a bucket. I feel sick.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eat drink & be merry, for tomorrow you diet

It's a new year, and with the new year comes the inevitable new years resolution. According to statistics, most resolutions relate to losing weight, eating better and stopping smoking. Let's consider losing weight.
There is no doubt that Australians are getting more and more obese each year. Just look at how many three seaters on the train can now only fit two. There are three basic choices of strategy:
i)shove less in your gob
ii)get off your broad acres and exercise more or
iii)cheat. How do you cheat? You adopt the “Have your cake and you eat it too” approach. You go for the artificial sweeteners, diet soft drinks, lo-cal and “lite”options. However, this could be a dodgy choice.

If you vowed to lose weight and started consuming products containing aspartame, you may already be suffering the following symptoms (as reported to the FDA in the table below):

headache, dizziness, change of mood, vomiting, abdominal cramps, change of vision, diarrhea, convulsions & seizures.....

The majority of complaints seem to be associated with diet drinks and sweeteners.

The chemistry is simple. Aspartame is comprised of aspartic acid, phenylalanine & methyl ester. In the body it converts into formaldahide (which is laboratory embalming fluid) and methyl alcohol (which is wood alcohol, a poison).
The following video entitled “Sweet Misery” is a comprehensive study of aspartame as an artificial sweetener and the evidence for adverse side effects. It also investigates the chequered history of this product and how it negotiated the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the US and made its way onto your dining table.

Aspartame is now everywhere. It's identified as “sweetener E951” on the ingredients info on food packaging in Australia and Europe. It goes under the brands "NutraSweet" and "Equal" to name two. It is increasingly appearing in chewing gums and breath mints that have long been traditional sugar based. In Australia, Wrigleys PK chewing gum includes it in the regular flavour (yellow pack) but not in the spearmint variety (blue pack). The warning "Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine" appears on the yellow pack but not the blue pack. That means, if you're alergic to phenylalanine, consider yourself warned". So you have to be vigilant.

Look through the ingredients of lollies and sweets. We are allowing our children to be exposed to this stuff and it's replacing sugar in more and more products like ice cream, ice blocks and iced tea drinks. I bought some Tang recently for hiking and that is now artificially sweetened.

Why be so suspicious about aspartame? You need to watch the video to get the science and medical evidence, but for me, I only have to know that M o n s a n t o used to own G D Searle who invented the stuff and got it approved with the help of Sith Lord Donald Rumsfeld. Anyone who knows anything about M o n s a n t o and their agendas for genetically modified foods and global control of the food supply by means of patents would be concerned if they had been involved in a global reach product like aspartame.

If this stuff is as bad as it appears, why are we serving it up at church for morning tea? Why aren't we warning our friends and family about it? Probably for the same reason we don't tell them about the Gospel. Only you can answer that.

But I have heard it's the most tested food in history and that it's safe. Who did the tests? Who interpreted the data? Who funded the tests? Who had vested interests in government to get it passed?

So why is this product really in circulation? We need to look at the greater agenda for chemical control of large numbers of people through food, water fluoridation, vaccines and prescription drugs. A weaker, dumber and more docile population is far easier to control, keep sedate and profit from.

And in any case, I personally find diet version drinks tastes like crap compared to the normal sugar laden stuff, so why drink it? If you consume regular soft drinks in moderation and with self control, there is no need for the “diet” substitute.
You can have your cake and eat it too, just don't be a pig with your portion.