Monday, August 30, 2010

Celente Survives Overdose

Whilst the "Overdose" documentary was informative to a degree, it lacked the usual sense of urgency and cynicism that usually accompanies Celente's delivery. I can only imagine that most of that interview footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

Here is the latest from Celente, being interviewed by Max Keiser. This is Celente off the leash and unedited. This is what you didn't hear on "Overdose". It's important to hear his tone, because it is the tone of someone who completely believes what he is forecasting is really going to pass. And he rarely gets it wrong...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gerald Celente on Four Corners

On Saturday we got to vote again and then we went home to watch the tally reveal itself in real time. It was full of drama and controversy. It is the spectacle we get only once every 3 years. In a way, it was no different than watching the NRL grandfinal. The two big teams get out on the field and do battle to decide a victor. Bread & circuses. However, this time, we have a hung parliament, with the balance of power being held by 5 independents.

The traditional choice between Labor and Liberal is not much different than choosing between Holden & Ford, or Coke & Pepsi. And this is the point. The Australian public has finally rejected the false left/right paradigm because it represents a “Claytons” choice, the choice you have when you're not having a choice. The swing to the Greens was simply the protest of an electorate with nowhere else to go.

Australians can see that there are some serious long term global problems brewing but we just keep getting the same old short term election rhetoric. Gillard & Abbott don't offer real leadership, just blustering political speak, say anything to get elected. Yet, everyday, Australia sees itself becoming a life-raft on the sinking Titanic. Everywhere we look, things are going to Hell in a hand basket. America as a nation is collapsing, the world economy is on life support, Pakistan is under water, our Diggers (servicemen and women) keep coming home in caskets from Afghanistan and Iraq, the reality of peak oil is starting to grip the world and big brother is tracking and profiling us from cradle to grave. Yes, economically we have weathered the storm fairly well, but the storm is not over. Will Australia manage to stay afloat as the world goes under?

Monday night the ABC presents Four Corners “Overdose”:

“The story of the greatest financial crisis you will ever see...the one that is on the way”

The trailers have featured Gerald Celente, trends forecaster and founder of . Celente is a regular guest of Alex Jones on His main audience has traditionally been the doom & gloomers, but now our mainstream ABC is listening. Catch it Monday night 23.08.10 at 8:30pm EST and on the net at for 2 weeks following airing.

Celente has been saying consistently that the US won't last till the end of this year and there will be no recovery. Let's see what he says on “Overdose”. Gillard & Abbott would do well to watch themselves.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rothschild gets his F back

Some guy on a raft made of plastic bottles named “Plastiki” sails into Sydney Harbour and then proceeds to tell voters and our candidates what to do. It would be a joke normally, but this rich man's Thor Heyerdahl is no environmental champion. In case you didn't notice, his name is David de Rothschild. He is the 31 year old heir to the Rothschild banking family fortune.

The Rothschild dynasty is probably responsible for creating more human misery over the last 250 years than Hitler, Mao and Stalin all rolled together. Some banks specialise in lending money for homes, or cars, or businesses. The Rothschilds specialise in financing wars and despots. They not only fund governments to fight wars, they lend to both sides and profit from the misery. War is lucrative and low risk, so like any business venture there is every incentive to create markets and opportunities. Rothschild agents have manipulated events and key players to make enemies of peoples who would have no real reason to fight, for dirty profit.

Here is a concise history of the Rothschild litany of evil inflicted upon humanity since 1743.

Rothschild funded both sides of WW1. Nathan Rothschild took control of the English economy by profiting from insider information on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. They funded IBM with the rollout of computers to administer the extermination of the Jews and the production of Zyklon B gas by I G Farben for the gassing of Jews. The irony of all this is that the Rothschilds are essentially Jewish themselves. They were also responsible for the instigation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 which is a key factor in the current global financial crisis.

So what is a Rothschild doing giving Gillard and Abbot an F for their positions on climate change? Note that he labels them "almost climate change deniers". This has deliberate overtones of "holocaust deniers" as if the two issues have moral equivalence. Does he really care about the climate and the environment? No, he's just being true to the family name. He is attempting to influence our votes this election, setting the agenda on climate change in order to revive the push for carbon cap and trade. Who will benefit from these schemes? You guessed it, the Rothschild family. They have been trying to establish world government for a long time, and carbon trading is simply a world taxation scheme in disguise that will pay tribute to their one world government. Australian carbon credits end up in Rothschild coffers.

You would hope there is a special place in Hell reserved for the Rothschilds. I can envisage their special torment spending eternity trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle. That would be fitting.

Mr Rothschild, you get the F because you Australians have figured out that global warming is a scam, especially in light of Climategate and the work of Lord Monckton. I suspect Kevin Rudd came to this realisation and in all good conscience couldn't proceed with the Australian carbon trading scheme. This was surely a key factor in his recent demise.

Let's take this opportunity to tell David de Rothschild that he can have his “F” back and he can put it where the sun don't shine.