Thursday, February 3, 2011

Could cyclone Yasi have been stopped?

Anyone would think, what has Queensland done wrong to deserve the destructive weather that they have experienced over the last month? Does God have something against our beloved banana benders? Early in the new year we saw unprecedented rainfall cause flash flooding though Brisbane and the hinterlands. This caused extensive damage not just to residential property but also has put the major mining and agricultural industries into chaos.
Then last night we witnessed Cyclone Yasi hit the north eastern Queensland coast. It was rated as a category 5 cyclone with wind speeds up to 300kph. That’s as bad as it gets in meteorological terms and will go down as the worst cyclone to hit Australia on record.

Could it have been stopped?

Ben Livingstone worked in the US Navy during the 1960’s developing weather modification technology for warfare and peaceful purposes. These were highly classified secret projects. The techniques generally involve cloud seeding to vary the amount of rainfall and energy generation from storm clouds. The following video interview with Livingstone demonstrates that the ability to control weather outcomes exists and has been practiced on civilian populations. There is no doubt in Livingstone’s mind that hurricanes and cyclones can be modified to reduce their destructive power. View Ben Livingstone interview.

If this technology is available and various governments use it for their own purposes, the question must be asked, could the Australian government have done anything to prevent/minimize cyclone Yasi and the floods and if so, why didn’t they?

How about this…what if these recent events were the result of mal intent? No one would suggest that our government would wage weather warfare on its own people. However, what if agents were working on a global scale to destroy the economies of nation states by ruining their their productive capacity? Is this beyond the realms of possibility? We are currently witnessing the financial destruction of the US, Ireland, Greece and many other western countries. Many believe this is being orchestrated to bring these countries to heel under one world government. Wouldn't weather warfare be the least suspected and most deniable strategy when the financial strategies fail? Just blame global warming and climate change.

It has to be noted that Australia, compared to the rest of the world, has to a large degree avoided the worst of the global financial crisis due to our healthy commodity based economy (compared with BS based US economy). Yasi has all but destroyed our banana crop for the season and has thrown Queensland tourism into chaos. The floods have put Queensland coal exports on hold for many months. This will cost Australia big bucks.

As the floods inundated Brisbane a few weeks ago, similar floods were being experienced in the Phillipines, South Africa & Rio de Janeiro. Whilst Yasi was in full swing, the US were experiencing one of the largest snow storms ever which covered most of the country and affecting 100million people. The weather seems to be going crazy. And who knows how much of the chronic drought and crop failures in Africa isn't the result of weather weapons to keep that continent impoverished and under control?

View Weather Warfare documentary on History Channel


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