Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FEMA on Fox

It looks like the main stream media is only just starting to wake up to FEMA camps. Glenn Beck raises the taboo subject of FEMA camps on a Fox news talk show. He intended doing a story debunking the camps as conspiracy theory but ends up admitting that they are real. Not only that, the light dawns... whilst the government is benign, there is nothing to worry about, but if the government turns totalitarian, there's reason for great concern. You would think that if there was something that looked like a concentration camp being built in your town that it would raise a few eyebrows amongst the locals. The ignorance is astounding. Two out of four admit they have never heard of such camps. They're more worried about "evil" emanating from Syria and Iran.

fox segment 7 mins

I think most Australians would be aware of the detention camp established on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru several years ago. It caused a lot of controversy at the time. How come we seem to be aware of one camp in the middle of nowhere, thousands of miles from the Australian coast, yet Americans aren't aware of 800 camps nation wide? In this case, the term "Wake up Australia" would be grossly unfair!

Is there hope that, if a FEMA camp story can break on mainstream media, it might be a sign that the corporate stranglehold upon it might be starting to weaken? No sir. The follow up to the Glenn Beck story is that now he is back pedalling on bringing us the story about FEMA camps. He claims he is "not ready" to bring the story to the public. Despite his protests to the contrary, the minders have no doubt had a little chat with Mr Beck and suggested to him to get back in line. Let's see if this story ever emerges.

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