Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carbon Tax - Sins of Emission

Prime Minister Gillard has finally laid her Carbon Tax cards on the table. This is despite the fact she promised us before the election we would not get a carbon tax. It was interesting to see a poll conducted on Channel Ten Sydney last night. The immediate reaction to the question “Will the carbon tax be good for Australia?” 81% said “No”.

Another thing I’ve noticed. Gillard has spoken a lot about the tax, but only now is she mentioning “carbon credits”. It’s one thing to have a tax. Even if the premise is bogus, at least the money is collected by government and is redirected back into the Australian economy. However, if the tax is used to purchase carbon credits on the international market or set up the economic infrastructure to make it possible, that’s just opening the door for our prosperity to be sucked out of our country.

We are being taxed for producing carbon, something which, to the average person, has no tangible substance. This “nothing” is somehow measured and quantified. This turns into a penalty notice or a sin. We absolve ourselves by purchasing an indulgence or a carbon credit to expunge our guilt. We show our indulgence to the climate papacy and they grant us forgiveness for our sins of emission. This was a cruel scam in the middle ages. It is no less so today.

exerpt from "Fall of the Republic" - carbon trading scam in a 6 min nutshell

The banks will love it. Look how they have wrecked the world economy with dodgy derivatives and toxic assets whilst feathering their own nests through the digital mayhem. Carbon trading is so nebulous it will be a playground for scammers. Where are the countries that are planting hectares of trees and sucking up all the carbon that they can afford to sell “carbon credits” anyway?

Europol uncovers European carbon trading scam in 2008

What's really tragic is the fact that this carbon fiasco gets all the airtime whilst other real crises get little or no coverage: peak oil, US dollar collapse, US debt default, global food crisis...and any of these can spark world war or turn our world upsidedown very quickly indeed. When the food shelves at Coles start to look empty you won't be worrying about the thermometer.


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