Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Action Alert

The following broadcast is a good summary of the current situation in the US with regard to FEMA camps, gun and ammunition control measures currently being enacted under the Obama regime. This is, of course, immediately relevant to US citizens. However, it is important to read the trends and interpolate similar scenarios for Australia, or your own country, wherever that may be.

Freedom TV Action Alert 9 mins

Many people, I believe, misunderstand the American's 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Australians have experienced first hand the horror and carnage created by a solitary person with a gun. We had our own Port Arthur massacre, where 35 innocent people were killed and 21 wouded by Martin Bryant. As a result of that incident, a gun buy-back program was instituted. A large number of automatic weapons were taken out of circulation and destroyed. There is no denying the cost of having uncontrolled military weapons in the general population. However, the US rights issue is different. The founding fathers who drafted the Constitution included the right to bear arms as an insurance policy against a government that drifts into tyranny. It wasn't about the right to blow away burglars you find in your house.

Isn't it clear that, as the economic crisis unfolds, the solution that will be offered to answer the chaos will be the imposition of tyrrany. During the last 8 years in the US we have seen the establishment of all the necessary laws to gather greater and greater unchecked power to the president. Even though you may be a foreign citizen, anyone from any nation, can be considered by the US as a "terrorist" or "enemy combatant", thus giving the US global power to interrogate and incarcerate without due process. Bush did the hard yards and the dirty work. Obama gets to walk in and avail himself of unfetted power. Pray that this man resists all the dark entities in the shadows who influence and manipulate the President for malevolent purposes. You know what happens to presidents who start acting presidentially. Remember JFK?

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