Monday, May 4, 2009

It's "over there"

In Australia we can be tempted to have a false sense of security about things like war and global pandemic disease outbreaks. We are so far away from Mexico, US or Europe, that all that nasty stuff can't get us here. Well, as it seems to be turning out, that nasty swine flu doesn't seem to be getting anyone anywhere. It's not even touching the pigs! The death toll in Mexico has been confirmed and revised back down to less than 20. It's not the hundreds first thought. So why the hype? Why the WHO Level 5 alert? Why indeed.

The response by the authorities has been over the top to say the least. In many countries, armed soldiers have been patrolling the streets, guys in moon suits spraying chemicals, passengers at airports are undergoing thermal screening etc.

Far worse a threat are the "Draconian" powers deemed necessary by the authorities to contain a pandemic threat. Our own government have in place all manner of powers to restrict liberties in such an event. This is probably not a bad idea if the threat is real. But what if this is a hoax or an over-reaction?

In the following article (AFP mainstream press) this question is being asked. Australia is not immune from either biological attack, natural disease pandemic or the martial law lock-down that can result. Even if the intentions of our own government are benign, we come under the jurisdiction of the World Health Organisation and the UN. Would we, or could we, resist the imposition of forced quarantine, compulsory shots or stay at home curfew if mandated by the WHO.

Many commentators are seeing this current "pandemic" as a dry run to assess the public reaction. The big one may be yet to come (think 1918 Spanish Flu which killed more than those that dies in WWI). In some ways, it's similar to assessing a prisoner's fear level by holding a gun to the head and flicking the safety to off. Fear is an effective persuader. The fact that the barrel is empty is irrelevant if the victim doesn't know it's empty.

Many commentators are suspecting that the swine flu is man-made. It is therefore imperative for all citizens globally to assess the situation and draw our own conclusions. Remember the "war on terror" and "weapons of mass destruction"? Can we afford to trust the "official story" about anything anymore?

Our liberty, more than our health, are being threatened both globally and domestically. Australia is not exempt, down-under, or otherwise.

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