Sunday, November 15, 2009

9/11 Truth NOW!

What a priviledge it was this weekend to hear from Richard Gage, Steven Jones & Luke Rudkowski in person. It was also wonderful to meet likeminded people in the Truth Movement, including finding old friends there that you didn't even know were into all this stuff! It's so important to meet in person, not just as nom de plumes in a discussion forum online. You realise that we are real flesh and blood people, of different ages, ethnic and socio economic backgrounds, yet we all share the same passion for truth and justice. We all share the same urgency and concern to get the world "woken up". We also reassure ourselves that we are not all a bunch of isolated nut job conspiracy whackos. There are other people in room that think like me! I can't be that weird!

Then I thought, what Richard & Steven are doing, using their gifts, talents and position to investigate 9/11 and bring the evidence into the public arena, what could be a more important service to humanity at this time in our history? And who is braver and more courageous than people like Luke to personally confront the hideous individuals who are responsible for the New World Order and represent everyone of us, saying for us what we would think but not have the courage to utter.

Now I don't know where these guys stand with the Lord, whether they would call themselves believers or Christians. I am told Steven Jones is a Mormon. In any case, I would imagine most of the key personalities in the fight against the New World Order are not born again type Christians. Why is this? Shouldn't this task be the perfect gig for the body of Christ on earth? Where is the Church's voice on 9/11? The silence is deafening. Jesus was big on truth, in case you didn't notice. How often did he preface his next line with, "Truly, truly I say to you..." He was obviously trying to make a point. He was advertising the fact that what he was saying the a world full of lies and crap. Truth almost has novelty value. The point is I believe that God is using non-christians to do these missions because the Christians who were equally gifted and qualified and assigned to do these missions failed to answer the call. God will use anyone to achieve his plan for this earth. His will shall not be thwarted because of the insipid response of the body of Christ. Perhaps there is out there a gifted science student who is now retraining to become a mediocre missionary in a far flung country because he believed that that sounded like a more "spiritual" thing to do. Little did he know that he could use his gifts to bring evidence to the world that unexploded thermite can be found in the dust from 9/11.

I saw a bumper sticker on a table for sale amongst a whole variety of 9/11 truth slogans. But this one stood out, "A time comes when silence is betrayal" Martin Luther King. Martin is talking to everyone of us and especially those of us believers who are custodians of the truth about Jesus and the truth about 9/11. Break the silence. Be courageous. If the non-christians can do this without the power of prayer and the authority of the Kingdom without the backing of legions of angels, what more could we do, with these resources at our disposal. I get this picture of Jesus being in a wheel chair. From the neck down his pathetic body is contorted though lack of utility. He cannot even move because he cannot push the wheels. His frustration is only matched by his sorrow. "If only my people would be my arms and legs!"


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